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5 Ways to Beautifully Decorate a Console Table

A console table used to be a solely decorative piece in opulent homes and palaces, but nowadays it is used to house everything, from lamps and books to ceramics and artwork. This piece of furniture is often found in entrance halls, but it is also a smart addition to a living or dining room, where it can act as both extra storage and a stylish surface for display-worthy dishes or picture frames. So, why don’t we take a look at the ways one could decorate a beautiful console?

  1. Resembling a freshly cracked stone, the Lapiaz Console celebrates the world’s treasures, which are revealed to a select few. Finding balance in terms of shape and materials, the Lapiaz Console, accompanied by this abstract painting, breathes sophistication and delicacy.
  2. Revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. The acrobatic loops & spins of the base paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers can be perfectly combined with a pair of creamy-hues lamps and a small bouquet of flowers.
  3. Boca do Lobo’s furniture exhales style, grace and luxury and the Infinity console table is certainly a fascinating and exclusive piece. Due to its contemporary curves, it would make a difference to put a more classic touch on it, as for instance, a white statue. 

  4. Craig is a narrow console table with chic structure, featuring a top made of verde guatemala marble and a gallery shelf for additional storage space in your living room or entry way. But what really makes this corner of the house special is the combination of this masterpiece with that gorgeous mirror!
  5. A series of new finishes contributes a fresh, contemporary appeal to the Calder console that comprises a fierce presence inside your living space. Some books though, and an elegant table lamp can make it reach the apogee of high-level design.modern console tables, console table, interior decoration, masterpiece, luxury brand, interior designer, living space

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