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The History And Evolution of Console Tables

The origin of console tables comes from French and Italian furniture designs of the 18th century, were originally small tables.

Sometimes these small special tables had forelegs make it look like it was separate and they always are useful as a decorative fine art piece and self-supporting, always in the shape of a crescent or sometimes a small rectangular shape.


The History And Evolution of Console Tables


The History And Evolution of Console Tables

During 17th and 18th centuries, the large consoles were often ordered in sets in two or four together with matching mirrors and stools and were a must-have in aristocratic mansions and palaces and all of them had theatrical console design with intricately carved details and delicate gilding.


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Soleil Chair


Originally, console tables had a half-moon shaped top on two legs with brackets. There are still a few such designs even today. However, most modern console tables no longer rely on brackets and are able to fully support themselves.



When they were first introduced, they were mainly decorative living room furniture pieces to improve the home décor ideas. They didn’t really have any functionality linked to their designs. In time, they gradually became more practical while preserving their decorative characteristics.



One of the main roles of this furniture piece was to create symmetry in a space and to help create a harmonious decor through matching features and design details, improving interior design ideas.



Times have been changed and nowadays console tables are relevant furniture fine art pieces. If they have a contemporary design, they build a modern interior design.

There are lots of very interesting and eye-catching console designs to choose from when it comes to modern console tables. Take a look to some of them and get inspired.





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