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How to Turn your Modern Console Table into a Desk

We have talked about how to transform and adorn your console table, now let’s see how it possible to turn it into a desk.

Bird’s Eye Maple Vanity Set. Made, by hand, from solid wood by the finest furniture makers with superb attention to detail. We have seen multiple designs for this article; but this one clearly is among the best design there are for a console.

How to Turn your Modern Console Table into a Desk

We have plenty decoration ideas for your home. Offering superb style and focus to distinguished interiors. It is then only a matter of taste and budget when it comes to picking the furniture for your interior.

Shapes, colors and finishes create what we call an exclusive design. It features a high gloss Makassar ebony veneer finish. Boasting useful storage of 3 drawers, featuring delicate round handles in an ivory finish.

More home decor ideas? The following item will surely bring some. The Black Oak Italian Designer is a true statement of minimal but elegant design. Superbly executed by master Italian craftsmen this fabulous piece is outstanding in its use of luxury materials and attention to detail.

Perfect for your interior design, the next piece comes in a light grey color. A wooden structure in a maple rizado veneered finish, with central grey leather panels further enhanced with exposed stitch detailing.

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Luxury brands love using noble woods for their works.

Here at modern console tables, we love sharing new ideas and pieces of furniture! Neoclassical Mahogany Writing Board And Chair is the name of the item below, in a very opulent style.

Beautifully finished in high gloss Macassar ebony veneer, the striking rectangular structure adds an impressive contemporary atmosphere to any office or boardroom setting. One of a kind piece for your interior.

Every detail of this luxurious contemporary design is carefully considered, adding a touch of elegance and timeless glamour. An elegant, versatile piece to complete a chic office or study area. With three drawers on the front side, you can store your precious belongings in it as well. Handcrafted by the finest Italian artisans, these exquisite handles draw inspiration from statement door-knockers and glamorous bracelets.

Last piece for today, this lacquered, wonderful item! A high-end creation that fits in any office, study room or bedroom. A versatile item, which could be placed in any angle at your convenience.


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That is all for today, make sure to visit again!

Source: JuliettesInteriors.