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Eric Schmitt: Avant-Garde Console Table Designs

Today we bring you the iconic work of Eric Schmitt, a prestigious French furniture designer, whom even after 40 years in the industry, is capable of maintaining a traditional and passionate way of thinking over his work. Throughout this article, we will display twelve of his most aesthetic and stunning console tables. So, be inspired by Eric Schmitt: Avant-Garde Console Table Designs!

Eric Schmitt

Born in Toulouse in 1955, Eric Schmitt moved to Paris to work. Leaving in 1977 to pursue his ambitions,  he set up a workshop at the Edge of the Fontainebleau forest, where he began to create artwork and design pieces, including modern console tables such as this one.

This unique design piece reveals Schmitt’s signature style: a revival between the French tradition and futuristic art. This modern console table shows an incredible creativity and perfect channelization of an avant-garde style.

Being one of the best french designers, Eric Schmitt designs and shapes the models. This exclusive console table design with its golden finishes would make the perfect asset for any foyer design.

Eric Schmitt‘s style is marked by unique, luxurious piece that always contain an unexpected twist. This one of a kind boxy-console table would contrast perfectly in any room setting.

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Console Tables Boca do Lobo

This piece of furniture may look simple but it contains an intricate design. The illusion works and this unique piece is a great inspiration for your room ideas!


This long patinated bronze base, palm wood top console table in a dark color is going to contrast in perfection with any interior design styles. Also, it would the most on point addition for narrow hallways.

This small console table has an remarkable design that is suitable to any living room design. Definitely, that the french designer can make a piece stand out in the most effortless way.


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The longer version of the unique boxy-like console table. This exquisite piece would be definitely the true statement piece of your home interiors.

All in black console table with emphasis on the unlikely leg design. With such a classy yet avant-garde aesthetic this piece reflects perfectly Eric Schmitt‘s personal design style.

The Brake console was masterfully produced in a Cast Iron and Lacquered. This piece is perfect for a modern interior design.

This small black and white console table, painted in bronze is the ultimate reflection of true classicism. The round lines make this piece effortlessly simple.

The Bloc console was made in black and gold polished bronze. This details are what makes this piece truly luxurious. And of course that its unique and futuristic design would suit any interior design styles and even make your interiors stand out even more.

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Console Tables Boca do Lobo