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How To Style The Perfect Console Table

The entryway in your home is a lot of things: it’s the first taste of sweet freedom when returning from a hard day of work; it’s your landing zone for odds and ends like keys, mail, and dog leashes and it’s where you do your “Did I remember everything?” check before heading out the door. More than that, the foyer is the only space that absolutely every guest sees of your home, no matter how far you let them venture in. In this article, we put together a rather robust, dressed-up console table where more was more, but feel free to mix-and-match these elements for what works better for your life.

console table

Your entryway, regardless of how large or basically non-existent it is, should be functional and beautiful. It should provide a glimpse into what’s shakin’ decor-wise in the rest of your living quarters.

The Formula:

Start with a console table that fits your space

Some people prefer benches in their foyers—which are a great option if that works for you—but a table provides a landing spot for all kinds of goodies that a bench just can’t provide.

Add a mirror or art

Mirrors work great in small spaces like foyers to bounce around any available light (plus, doing a last look at yourself before running out is always helpful to make sure you didn’t accidentally forget to shake out the powder from your dry shampoo). Art also works great.

Bring the outdoors in

We think every space needs a little touch of nature, so have some fun with succulents, cacti or fresh cut flowers on your console table.

A tray or two to collect practical (& beautiful) things

As we mentioned earlier, your foyer can be equal parts practical and beautiful. Bring a tray or two into the mix to catch everyday items like headphones, sunglasses, keys, and mail, as well as some decorative items (if you have space) to layer in some personality and ambiance.

Books? Why not!

This particular console table has some open shelving which acts as a great spot to store items you don’t use often (but don’t necessarily want to get rid of, like neatly stacked books to reference whenever you need to).

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