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Metalworking Consoles: Discover The Art Of Metal Casting

Nowadays the metalworking can be truly artful to conceive a wide range of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry. It requires discipline, vision, and strength. One of the processes they appreciate the most is the art of metal casting, where the metal is heated until molten into a chosen shape and size. It gave birth to outstanding pieces like Newton series or the iconic Eden series.

The process os metal casting starts by melting metal into a liquid, pouring it in a mold with a cavity of the desired shape, and removing the material, or casting, after the final work gets cool and then solidified. The solidified part can be ejected or even broken out of the mold. This technique is one of the most used for making intricate forms that would be difficult to have from other methods, including the sand casting.

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Since early, Boca do Lobo has no restrain to use different processes and tools
to shape new designs, by giving to their pieces rough yet powerful expression. To form, to cut, and to joining processes have been a praiseworthy playground. An artful creative assortment of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry.

The most recent brand new Imperfectio seating collection is a curated example of cutting and hammered methods. Big size shapes and creative forms are innate of this one of kind procedure which involves time and careful effort from our blacksmiths.

Newton Console

Consequently, the fine-looking welding can also be a challenge. Joining each component must be at design service and overcome its functionality, such as the great golden tubes of Symphony masterpiece.

metal casting
Symphony Sideboard

metal casting
Stonehenge Console

metal casting
Lapiaz Console

The reward is to make every single piece as a unique piece of art, being impossible to have two equals. A real expression of exclusivity and high collectible craftsmanship outcome.

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