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Stunning Classic Grand Foyer Console Table Designs

Following on the topic of entryways, where a first perception is established, and important to fulfill with a healthy design. The same attention should be paid to the grand foyer. With large spaces, it is appropriate to use larger furniture pieces, with elaborate lines and tones, allowing the various decor elements to engage in dialogue. Here we explore a series of stunning classic foyer console table designs, looking at ways of combining different pieces and accessories to achieve a high standard of interior design.


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foyer console table

To achieve a memorable interior setting within the foyer, playing with lighting is essential. Placing your console in a position with favourable lighting is key, allowing it to pop and truly fill the environment.


foyer console table

Following the lighting, selecting appropriate decor items, in tasteful amount becomes important. Flower arrangements in vases – either neutral or life filling – as well as books and table lamps are the safest options thast ensure a complete ensemble.


foyer console table

Resorting to the use of other greenery, such as branches and shrubs over flowers also creates a highly welcoming effect.


foyer console table

Selecting complimentary seating, even if purely ornamental, will undoubtedly ease the usability of any foyer.


foyer console table

The consensus is that the richer the design piece (in terms of elaborate detailing and so on), the fewer complimentary objects are needed.


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Moreover, console tables are the key pieces to compliment any staircase, becoming extremely handy to fill empty corners.


Classic Console Tables for Grand Foyers

The idea is to fill a given space with life and character, with larger foyers giving decorators and homeowners to really play with visually strong furniture pieces. Bringing out the best in a space with a few key pieces, and complimenting them with flowers and accessories that portray personality.