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5 Exquisite Patchwork Console Tables

Patchwork is an artisan technique that dates back many centuries, Used in a wide variety of applications, from furniture, to homeware, and textile design, patchwork is often of highly manual nature. With several references in the furniture industry making beautiful creations, such as Maarten Baas, Boca do Lobo, Eric Schmitt and Paul Evans. In this article, we cover a small group of exquisite patchwork console tables where exemplary craftsmanship, attention to detail and remarkable design come to play.


Boca do Lobo Patch Patchwork Console Tables

First off – the Patch table, is a marvelous piece designed by Boca do Lobo. With the Portuguese studio’s characteristic use of noble materials such as gold leaf and fine wood veneers.

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Boca do Lobo Infinity Patchwork Console Tables

The Infinity console, very much in a similar style to the Patch table above, features a copper leaf base, with a phenomenal rosewood patchwork top. Varnished in high-gloss throughout, the Infinity shows the best of the material that it’s composed of.


Flourish Table Patchwork Console Tables

The Flourish round console table on the other hand, sees floral lines with steeper curves on it’s base, finished in a sobering black lacquer. The round top is also varnished in high gloss for maximum effect on the wood veneer patchwork.


Patchwork Console Tables

Paul Evans’ Chrome Patchwork console sees an eclectic mix of woods and metal. Resorting to rich burled elm assembled in a patchwork scheme, varnished in high gloss, with rounded chrome joints, this dramatic piece finds long lasting aesthetic qualities thanks to it’s origininality,


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Patchwork Console Tables

The brutalist console table, also designed by Paul Evans Studio is made from copper, stell, brass and pewter sheets, soldered together in a rough and rather genuine fashion, Despite it’s darker tones, it’s metallic body reflects light forming interesting glows in certain spots.


Patchwork Console Tables

It is also available in a similar version, with oxidized metals. A design dating back to the 60’s, with such aesthetic properties is of continuous long lasting value, sure to look original for years to come.