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Inspirational Interior Designs by INGRAO

Anthony Ingrao is an internationally acclaimed architecture design firm established in 1982 in New York City. He partners with Randy Kemper in design and is assisted by 36 designers and architects. With projects all over the world, he has not only redefined the world of the modern luxury but has also become a name that is associated with refinement, quality and unique style. Coveted Edition nominated INGRAO as one of the TOP 100 Interior Designers so take a look at Inspirational Interior Designs by INGRAO!


Amazing rustic chic yet modern interior design. The patterns and the colors blend beautifully. The black console tables contrast with all the textures used in the living room.

Classy and super luxurious as INGRAO got us used to see in his interiors. The traditional console tables are a great asset to this modern living room.

Exquisite living room decoration, avant-garde, modern and super luxurious. The marble details all over the room make it even more dazzling.

The wooden, traditional console table matches perfectly with the painting and the pieces of furniture chosen for this little corner. It is absolutely overwhelming in a positive way.

The designer excelled by the modern, with sober colors and dark but still give a certain light to the room and make it stand out. The marble console table is a fantastic asset that perfectly complements the decor and everything.

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Monumental, traditional that remounts us to the Italian tradition. The eagle on the console table makes this the perfect statement piece for any home. The Miró painting contrasts and complements this luxurious decor in perfection.

A large room, decorated in a modern way that leaves the colors of the painting as the centerpiece that stands out the most. Using details in golds, like the console table in the background, this decoration has the touch of luxury already usual in the designer duo.

The pastels and the browns give a comfortable and warm atmosphere to the room. The green plants contrast with the color palette and also with the luxurious console tables chosen.

Unlike the usual, this duo shows that they can transform any space into a true modern chic sanctuary. Feminine, modern, is every child’s dream. The pink color and the patterns contrast perfectly with whites.

Colorful and cheerful, all the colors used contrast with the wooden pieces of furniture.  Super modern, all the decoration makes this dining space more pleasant and it stands out for the simplicity of the decoration. The console tables used in the background are a fantastic addition to the already fantastic decoration.

This duo shows itself to be versatile, unique and yet true to its own style. Hope you enjoyed this Inspirational Interior Designs by INGRAO!

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