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Design Ideas from this Trendy Duo!

Looking for design ideas for the perfect set of curtains to your living room? Great because today we plan to show you a fantastic trendy duo – good-looking curtains and elegant design ideas. Take a look at our list and get inspired!

Horizontal lined curtains can add a geometric alignment to your room. In this picture you can also see the Lapiaz Console Table by Boca do Lobo. Together they create a glamours enviorment.


Design Ideas from this Trendy Duo!

Ombré Dyed curtains can offer a vivid and dramatic side to any room. You can also think of a good color combination, in this case, the curtains are blue on the bottom, going to a vivid red and turning white, which blends naturally with the walls.


Design Ideas from this Trendy Duo!

Room dividing curtains can offer you the possibility to create a more private session on a living area without being a permanent solution. When opened they reveal a large space. best suited for a modern house design.


Plaid patterned curtains can be great if you have the right design ideas to match. This style also provides a proximity to a cultural reference – the Scottish kilts.


Black and grey with wild patterns. Darker colored curtains are not to be put apart. If you are afraid your living room will get a very dark place you can choose a pattern to lighten it up.


Stately looking curtains are great if you want to live a more magnificent experience. In this amazing design idea, you can see how the red walls dignify the seemingly neutral curtains.



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Curtains that match your furniture. In this example, the same linen fabric used in the upholstered sofa is used on the curtains. With this match, you will never have to worry if you have the right curtains.

Neat blue curtains offer a cozy yet inviting feeling. They work really well with flourished patterns present in sofas and chairs.


Paled yellow curtains feature the more natural looking color that resembles gold. Soft to the eyes and great with creamy interior design styles.


Tall and elegant curtains. This isn’t a look any textile can make. If you have large enough windows any textile will do, but if you look at this example silk is the best. Not only it offers a more luxurious appearance but it also makes the place look more delicate.


These rustic looking curtains blend really well in a room with leather and wooden furniture. If your console table matches any of this materials you can’t go wrong!

We hope you enjoyed our design ideas for this trendy home décor duo!


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