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5 Ways to Choose the Lighting for Your Modern Console Table

5 Ways to Choose the Lighting for Your Modern Console Table, there are several degrees to learn how to combine beautiful pieces with one another. The reality and what really takes for you to combine in the perfect way all that you know is having good taste nothing more. No one is going to tell you what you like or not, your taste is the most important part of the process, you have to be the first person to like it and the first person to approve or not. Here you are going to see some  examples of how to choose it, but it is only a few tips and not something that you are obliged to do, take it as an advise.

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1-Position – Unique design with several ways to use the light in this case you should look at the entire piece and see that it reflects light so you don’t need something vry powerful, you just need a small light in the right position.

2-Style – Knowing the style of your piece is very important so you know what kind of lighting should you get. Combine classic with classic and modern with modern, but if you are a free spirit you can combine several styles carefully.

console table

3-Need – Know what you need, maybe you don’t even need light your piece is perfect in the shadow and with that touch of darkness that show a lot of elegance and superiority.

console table

4-Simplicity – Sometimes less is more, use something simple something that makes your piece pop and not the other way around, use the right light so the king may be the piece and not the light.

console table

5-Color – The color is something very imprtant, you need to know if your piece is acceptable with smaller or bigger light and the unique color of the lamp may be thinked about, don’t use something too dool but at the same time don’t use something to bright, find your space, find the right power.

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