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11 Stunning Console Tables by Eric Schmitt

Today, MCT covers the work of Eric Schmitt, a prestigious French furniture designer, whom even after 40 years in the industry, maintains a traditional and passionate view over his work and furniture making itself. In this article, we will look at his extensive portfolio of console tables, and their different aesthetics.

Patinated and polished bronze, 120cm x 49 cm x  80cm. Edition of 8 and 4 artist proof, for the Dutko Gallery

Born in Toulouse in 1955, Eric Schmitt moved to Paris to work. Leaving in 1977 to pursue his ambitions,  he set up a workshop at the Edge of the Fontainebleau forest, where he began to create artwork and design pieces.


Lacquered aluminium and patinated bronze, 220 cm x 45cm x 80cm, for the Dutko Gallery

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eric schmitt
Patinated and polished bronze leg, and patinated bronze top. 53 x 15,75 x 27,56 inches. Limited edition of 24.

Eric would design and shape the models, which would be sent to highly skilled craftsmen to conceive, before returning to him for finishes and detailing.


Polished and Patinated bronze. 55cm x 29cm x 71cm.


Patinated bronze and polished bronze console, 130cm x 50cm x 70cm. Eric Schmitt for Ralph Pucci.

Now, he is a self-taught master of wrought iron, and works with a team that specializes in several different crafts, allowing him to pursue his creative endeavours and collaborations. He works on both public and private projects of several kinds, from architecture, to interior and landscape design.


Silver and nickel plated bronze. 120cm x 44cm x 70cm


Bronze base and top in soft slate. 160cm x 50cm x 80cm. 2 pieces and 4 artist’s proofs for Mobilier National.

His style seeks to revive the French tradition of Decorative Arts, with an undeniable modern twist.


Steel rings with silver plated bronze table surface.

Most of his work is tailor made, or produced in limited quantities. Moreover, Schmitt has a long-term colaboration with fellow French designer Christian Liaigre.

Nickel plated bronze. base and silver plated top. 66cm x 43cm x 89 cm. 12 pieces and 4 artist’s proofs.

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Patinated bronze and Corian top. 160cm x 43cm x 89cm. 12 pieces and 4 artist’s proofs. Eric Schmitt for Ralph Pucci.