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Monochrome Console Table – A Contemporary Piece by Boca do Lobo

Console table is perfect to enliven your contemporary living room ambience, adding some finishing details in the whole living room furniture orchestra.

Wanting to express the absoluteness of craftsmanship and the passion to create art, Boca do Lobo’s talented designers materialized a piece of futuristic furniture of our dreams.

console table

A frontier between design and art, the undulating shape of this piece was envisioned from the intriguing chemical reaction, which occurs when a material liquefies and subsequently solidifies with changes in temperature. Its fluid and unusual form is molded from fiberglass filled with expandable polyurethane.

Finished in a high gloss its name, Monochrome, is a reference to the use of a single material with a uniform and matte tone.

Imaginative and bold, the Monochrome console table is a unique piece that stands out in any room or setting.


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The Monochrome Sideboard expresses a leading edge outlook through its distinct shape and colour palette, each color translates the vivacity and emotion, encouraging the viewer to immerse oneself in the infinite color alone and to experience its evocations.

Monochrome Console Table a contemporary futuristic console limited edition is executed in 3 color coats : fiery gold


electric blue


and bright ultraviolet


Each piece is built from three seperate modules, and features a unique shape.

Βy freeing the mind of material considerations, Boca do Lobo pushes us towards a dynamic concept of curvy lines and smooth moves, symbolic perhaps, of the sky and the sea, that render different aesthetics to the living space with a fierce, yet discreet, presence.


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Console Tables Boca do Lobo