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8 Modern Consoles With Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrops

Tropical backgrounds and floral drops making a big comeback in the interior design world, especially now in the early Summer season. This is particularly the case in decor settings or projects, where a hint of vintage and/or antique blends (one could argue, light Chinoisrie) with modern furniture and accessories. The brilliant thing about this new movement is the sense of freedom attributed to some of the most iconic designs found online and printed. With shapes, sizes and colours varying tremendously, and the concept of pattern being explored on alternative scales, several interesting results find themselves constantly produced. In this article, we will cover a line of consoles (of several styles) with gorgeous floral pattern backdrops in a wide range of settings.


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Essential Home Warmley Dining Table

Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

Above, we see heavy contrasts in style and aesthetic among the setting’s various elements. From the wallpaper and canvas, to the overlapping console tables, and their accessories. An almost chaotic mix of lines, colours, textures and contexts, with a brilliant end result.


Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

Slightly toned down, yet still visually stimulating, the floral pattern above finds rich colours and painted textures in a wonderous layout that sees little limitation to size and detail. Combined with a simple semi-circular console table, in a modern touch, it is destined to make a long-lasting bet. Especially when topped off with a vase full of fresh flowers.


Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

Yet, floral patterns and tropical combinations can be heavy on the eyes, and overwhelm a space with a certain tone or combination of colours. Above, a lighter floral example with pale grey tones finds strong details in some of the more colourful flowers, ending with a much more sobering, yet robust visual print.


Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

The banana leaf mural above, a slight adaptation of the iconic Martinique pattern used in the Beverly Hills Hotel in the early 40’sm, never quite lost its relevance and edge. Even when combined with the most basic pieces, the overall impact is highly desirable.


Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

High levels of detail, both in terms of furniture, as well as in terms of accessories and wall paper, creates a stimulating environment with a highly chic feel.


Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

Monochromatic floral wallpapers also offer a very relevant field of choices, especially when combined with alternative colours and tones in other pieces to form a well composed and complete environment.


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Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

The Asian connotation often associated to these wallpapers (hint: Chinoiserie chic) find China accessories highly complimentary. The traditional blue patterns on white porcelain are a truly timeless cultural and aesthetic signature which really cannot go wrong.


Gorgeous Floral Pattern Backdrop

Geometric forms on monochromatic patterns such as the one above fit the more modern oriented decor context, and will find a great deal of comfort with metallic details and accessories.