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Eric Cohler Stunning Interior Designs

Eric Cohler was dubbed the “Mixmaster” due to his distinctive ability to join classic and contemporary elements. Known for designing spaces that look carefully composed yet luxuriously comfortable. Considered Coveted Edition him as one of the best interior designer due to is amazing projects. So, take a look at Eric Cohler Stunning Interior Designs!

The classic elements stand out by its simplicity. The white wall contrasts beautifully with the top of the console table and also with the items above it.

The white color palette combines beautifully with the wooden floor. Classic yet Modern, this entryway is definitely a great work of one of the best interior designers. The console table style with a table lamp and a sculpture wins for modern simplicity – “less is more” specially in a hallway.

Eric Cohler is dubbed as the “Mixmaster” for a reason. He is the best in joining traditional with modern style. This living room represents that ability. The floor pattern match perfectly with the black modern console table and with the colorful classic sofa. Be inspired by this stunning living room design.

Once again, Cohler proves to be one of the best interior designers. The different shades of blue contrast beautifully with the white furniture and the wooden chair. The majestic, sculptured console table is just exquisite. It is one great asset to this living room design!

An edgy color that most people don’t use. This bright purple is definitely the what stands out the most. The bright color contrasts with the light mid-century modern console table and with the photo frame in front of the dining table.

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best interior designer

Obviously that this acrylic console is the best piece to pair with anything you wish. This modern console table contrasts with the classic decoration and matches the neutral color palette chosen.

best interior designer

Doing what he does best, Cohler made this living room joing the best of traditional and modern decoration but without loosing that touch of classy-chic. The peek of color in the paintings – red and blue – really make the terracotta color palette more cheerful. Also, the red console is used is a nice way to create a higher contrast between the pieces used.

best interior designer

The whites dominate the room, they contrast perfectly with all the items used – the frame, the small sculpture, the flowers. Everything is beautifully connected. Exquisitely simple and super modern, Eric Cohler proves that is work is worth of being one of the best interior designer.

best interior designer

The browns contrast in the most fantastic way with the gray sofa. The rug resembles the roman patterns. Once again, the interior designer expressed the best of classic interiors and conferred to new interpretation – more modern and adaptable to any contemporary interior design.

best interior designer

This amazing modern console table is the best option for a contemporary home decor. It will look fantastic in any entryway and it can be style as you wish.

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