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The Best of Modern Console Table Designs

The Best of Modern Console Table Designs, the item that is going to change your way to see the luxury design. New way of looking to the luxury world, with new design and new inspirations. We live in a modern world that is changing day after day, and the trends change with it all the time. A lot of personality in each piece depending on their maker and designer. We are going to see some of the best.

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Infinity console a design by Boca do Lobo ebony wooden console table that combines with the based in brass, a smooth and fantastic combination that is going to fill your room full of elegance and glamour.

Creativity above all, the designer has to create something that nobody has never seen. Incredible how this piece is something else, something that combines perfectly with the environment.


Unique item with a lot of personality and charm, a wooden and aluminium piece that combines elegance with the power of vision. The future of design.


The Newton Console Table, A unique design from Boca do Lobo that has been amazing the world, a design full of live and also full of grace and luxury, something different and new, the newton console will change your life.

console table

A console isnpired in the root of a tree, a majestic design that blows everyone minds with all the power that it shows and all the fantastic trades that it has.

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