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Unique Console Tables for Christmas Eve

Console Tables for Christmas are an element that ought not to be forgotten. Greet your guests with a modern and unique console table that will take their breath away.

Console Tables for Christmas

This is a Soho Console by the Portuguese Brand Boca do Lobo. With simple and straight lines, this piece will blend in perfectly with your actual interior design. You don’t have to fill it with thematic objects. You can choose a simple lamp and a few books. It will stand out for its simplicity.

Console Tables for Christmas

On the other hand, if you really like thematic decoration elements you can always go with a few trees, stars and candles in order to set the mood. In this case, your console would become the centre of attentions and create a statement.

You don’t have to stuff your console, especially if it is as beautiful as this one. The mirror can set a dramatic effect and contributes to the its dynamic.

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If your console is very simple and at first sight, it doesn’t stand out, you just have to use your imagination. Put some mirrors over it to create an illusion of depth. Why don’t bet on fake snow? It will be the delight for children!

What do you think of our suggestions? Would you consider decorating your console as such? How is your console currently decorated for the holidays? Give us your opinion in a comment.

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