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Trends 2017: Farmhouse Style

Sick of the same stale and boring room designs? Are you interested in transforming your home with a warm, old-fashioned look, but still preserving a touch of class and elegance? So you’ll love Trends 2017: Farmhouse style! Rustic glam décor ideas combine vintage, antique-inspired designs with modern decorations that give off a sense of wealth and glamour.

This contemporary entryway channels perfectly the farmhouse style homes meet classy chic! The rustic console tables styled with traditional clay flower pots give a more fresh and airy look to this hall. Also, the carpet’s motifs give that extra glamour tho the design.

This might seem like a tall order, but with the right decorations and furniture and a careful balancing of decor, you can easily create a rustic glam look in your own home.

The decoration portrays a true farmhouse style home. From the rustic console table to the baskets for extra storage. Is the perfect decor for a modern family home.

Don’t be afraid to use colors and patterns with your farmhouse style console table. Put it under you television and use this item as a dropping stop in your living room and create extra storage. Plus, the rugs are always a great asset to any room design.

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The perfect combination between rustic and classy-chic. This is what this 2017 trend is all about. The luxurious golden details in the mirror frame and in the marble table lamp give that glamorous touch to the console table and also to the interior design.

Such a modern interpretation of the Farmhouse Style. This modern console table is very different from the rustic ones usually used in this style yet this piece portrays amazingly the rustic vibe but with a modern touch.

Farmhouse Style meets Mid-Century Modern decoration. This console is the best choice for a neutral color palette and the wood combined with green plants make it super exquisite and trendy!

Combine your console with a animal fur ottoman. It will give instantly that rustic, farmhouse touch to your room design.

farmhouse style homes

Although the combinations do not end here. This gothic window frame in gold and vintage finish looks great with the console in worn and unfinished wood that immediately returns to the farmhouse style décor.


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