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Striking Perfect Console Tables for your Home Office

Modern console tables are the best furniture options to brighten up your home decor. It also looks amazing in any room but is fantastically breathtaking in a home office. Take a look at Striking Perfect Console Tables for your Home Office. 

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We have re imagined console tables as home office pieces that push regular desks out of the game. Consoles take less space, look very chic and stylish. They are especially great for small spaces when you don’t want enormous room for your office.

Simple, all in white console table. The perfect addition to a super feminine home office. Be inspired by this beautiful office.

This incredible and feminine designed decorated by Koket has a few pieces that could very well bestow your bedroom, from the Exotica to the chandelier. One is bound to fall in love with this design idea!

console table

Placing a mirror strategically is one of the best tricks to make your space look like larger. That’s because, the mirrors have the property to reflect light so the room look like the eye brighter and more openings, and thus bigger. Of course, this mirror paired with this super modern console table and with the peak of yellow details makes this a fantastic modern home office design.

The Temptation console by KOKET is a sculptured gold tones of hammered and textured brass with a hint of hard edge surround a perfectly cut convex golden mirror, that stands out from the black ambiance. Makes it the perfect for a luxurious office room design.

If you want to make your home office space more interesting  opt for decorative pieces like lamps, books or wall art. This is also great if you have room for your home office in living room like in the picture above.

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Everything is possible. Thanks to sol, a mobile single surprisingly versatile, the range of TEAM 7 products is continuously growing. Sol can be wall hung, supported by two legs or placed freely in the room: it adapts to every situation and is at ease in every area of ​​the house thanks to its elegant and clean design. When it comes to consoles you can always be inventive and think outside the box!

Trinity is a unique console that features remarkable detailing and style. Its beautiful lines make it appropriate in any modern home decor and in any room setting. This console table is versatile and with the right decoration makes the most beautiful asset to your home office.


This Alexandra von Furstenberg acrylic console, colorful and modern is the perfect asset fir your kids room. Pair it with a sytlish chair and make it the perfect piece for your kids office.

Another great thing about this home office choice is that you can easily change your console’s function. You are tired of it a your office, just move it to your entryway to have a beautiful decorative piece that you can spice up with art.

And for those who look for a dramatic approach, we suggest this amazing piece by Boca do Lobo, a highly desirable classic piece, perfect for your exclusive home office or for a private place like your room, where you rather prefer to register your thoughts and your ideas.

This modern, simple, white console table is the perfect blank canvas for you to style and to decor your home office as you want. Don’t hold yourself and turn it into a beautiful office.

Classical and intemporal, this console table contrasts beautifully with the earthy green wall.

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