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Living Room Interior Ideas by Top Designers

Neutral tones, daring colors, a fireplace, luxury furniture, a modern console are all some of the ideas for a living room design. Do you want to see which solutions famous designers apply when they work on their living room interior projects? You will be able to review them in this article, and maybe you will even add some of them to your list of potential interiors for your own home.

Living room interior by Sarah Lavoine

living room interior

Color combination is an art – not everyone can do it skillfully. However, we know for sure that Sarah Lavoine has succeeded in this. Look how nicely she mixes colors in this interior. Moreover, a wooden console table is one more texture and material that finalizes the picture in general.

Living room interior by Laplace Studio

Green and orange together create a warm welcoming atmosphere in this room. Consider adding this color mix to your home décor ideas.

Designs by Marisa Gallo

A classic pair, black and white, will play with new aspects when combined with beige. Additionally, modern furniture looks particularly impressive if its simple color gives you a possibility to appreciate the design elements first.

Contemporary design and light tones are sometimes all you need to transform your space into something bright and elegant.

Living room interior by Peter Mikic

Do not be scared of bold colors because if incorporated in the right way, they can be a core theme in your interior.

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Mirror GIF Boca do Lobo

 Living room interior by Rees Roberts

There are a few aspects in this project that we really admire: the way the interior designer threw in some bright accents and the way he used one of the walls for bookshelves. It will seem like a small modern library of your own.

Living room interior by Champeau & Wilde

Animal prints have been in trends for quite a long time now. Why not using this trend in your living room design as well? A seating bench is just one of many ways to apply animal prints to your interior – be creative with it!

Design by Kelly Wearstler

This California style interior sparks with a riot of colors and styles, and we are completely in love with it! The idea is especially useful when you need to find a consensus between several parties in regards to the room’s design so that everyone can be satisfied with it.

Design by Richard Mishaan

For art admirers, this living room design will be an ideal choice – an interesting painting on the wall captures attention from the very first moment you glance at the room.

Living room interior by Joyce Wang

According to Joyce, this place combined a contemporary approach with mid-century Brazil in order to provide a fresh and playful design. And look how well he did that!

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