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French Modern Console Tables

The French Modern Console Tables, an inspiration selected by many, the classic touch in each piece, each one with the perfect and smooth touch of the french style.

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console tables

The unique style of the frech, majestic and glamorous at the same time, a culture that is known by their class and lust, all their pieces are unique and a simple masterpiece. A antique way of seeing the world but at the same time remembering history.

console tables

Simple design, but with all the curves that scream french style, well worked piece with a lot of detail and also lot of lust, black color is a great color to evidence all the curves and all the potencial of this piece.

console tables

Gold, another color used to create the french style, a color that shows intensity and power to all that pass by this masterpiece, the pureness of each curve and each detail is incredible.


Wooden console table, with the combination of two shades of braun wood, light and dark, a very simple design that shos that a great piece doesn’t need to be big and with a lot of detail, perfection is simple as this piece.



A mirror console table, with all the lines of a french style, glorious and majestic like always, an inpiration that is going and going, decates after decades with a lot of glamour and class, the french way, the only way?

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