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Elegant Black Modern Console Tables

Elegant Black Modern Console Tables that are going to change you view of modern console tables, a elegant touch and a glamour style.

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A fantastic piece of art tha combines the straight lines with the curve lines of the base, the black shows the power of the piece and the gold the luxury that is under the eye of every person who passes. Combination of glamour and elegance in one unique item.

The mirror meets the powerful color black, the combination between elegance and strenght, straight lines and a lot of personality in the pirce. Beauty and glamour the two words that define this piece.

console tables

A fantastic piece by Boca do Lobo, a design in brass and gold leaf that will  take your room to another level. Powerful piece that is going to surprises everyone that is invited to your house. Creative and fantastic idea for a console table that as claas and beauty.

console tables

Silver and blck the two colors that combines perfectly, a combination that unites two powerful colors and also the steel makes the piece seam lighter and glamorous. The inspiration is the simple things in life.


Wood meets gold, an incredible combination between gold and black, two colors that may be the symbol of power and royalty at the same time. History in every corner of the piece to the top to the base, incredible new look and also a new attitude.

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