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The Best Foyer Design with Console Tables

Your foyer design should be an extension of the overall decorations style. The foyer is much more than just a plan corridor that leads to other places. It is an important place that can be brighten up with modern console tables. Take a look at our selection and be inspired by The Best Foyer Design with Console Tables!

foyer design

Trinity is a unique console that features remarkable detailing and style. Its beautiful lines make it appropriate for every luxury interiors. This console table is versatile and can also be used as a valet or and entrance piece that will definitely make your foyer design stand out beautifully.

Resembling a freshly cracked stone, the Lapiaz Console celebrates the world’s treasures, which are revealed to a select few. This modern console suits a variety of environments thanks to its graceful form. Finding balance in terms of shape, and materials, the Lapiaz breathes sophistication and delicacy, maintaining a light presence that turns it the perfect statement piece for your foyer design.

The different shades of blue contrast beautifully with all the golden details – from the chandelier to the mirror – Obviously that the classic console matches perfectly with all the foyer design decorations.

This unique console design is unique and its size make it suitable to any type of foyer. Due to its exquisite design it will definitely dazzle any guest.

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This modern console table is perfect to either a narrow or a large foyer. Its contemporary design makes it possible to match this furniture piece with every interior design styles.

The neutral color on this console is so hot right now! It enables to adjust to every luxury interior design plus you can decorate as you wish!

Take some design ideas from the styling of this foyer. Pair a neutral console with a furry rug and a striking pattern chairs to have an outstanding foyer design!

Nature inspired foyer design with the camouflaged rug and the modern console that resembles the trunk of a tree. Definitely, that this console table will make any room stand out!

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The white color palette combines beautifully with the wooden floor. Classic yet Modern, this foyer design is definitely a great work of one of the best interior designers – Eric CohlerThe console table style with a table lamp and a sculpture wins for modern simplicity – “less is more” specially in a foyer.

Achille Salvagnidesign a luxury foyer design that stands out with unique objects and bespoke furniture.

The light gray color of the wall contrasts beautifully with the dark console table as well as the neutral colors on the paintings and sofas. Once again, the little peak of colors like the blue in the table lamp or even the purple in the plant make this room more cheerful.

Narrow modern console table perfect for a tight foyer. The silver and gold mirror makes this room style even more modern.

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A bold look with a colorful and modern furniture like this yellow console and the funky chair. Use a bright color to make your foyer design stand out from the rest of the decorations.

The American top interior designers Drake/Anderson created this dark mood foyer for a New York apartment where the modern console is definitely the star.

Decorate even in the smallest of spaces. See how this elegant gold console looks amazing in this small foyer corner.

Contemporary foyer design by Steven Volpe Design and Butler Armsden Architects in San Francisco, California. The styling is simply exquisite from the mirrored unique console to the luxurious golden mirror.

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