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Best Entryway Furniture and Décor Pieces by AD 200 Design Influencers

AD Germany has recently released its Top 200 list of design influencers. Each of them constantly works on making the world a better and more beautiful place. We decided to review some of their creations and make a selection of the best entryway furniture and decor pieces produced by those masters. We hope it will serve as an inspiration for you to revive your entryway design.

Entryway furniture by Philipp Mainzer

High-quality materials, simplicity, elegance, and function can be clearly traced in Philipp Mainzer’s works. For instance, this wooden hanging entryway table will become a perfect piece that brings in the freedom and freshness of nature.

With a slightly different mood and feeling, this modern console that has a smooth polished surface coveys more sophistication and delicateness.

Lamp by Serena Confalonieri

Serena Confalonieri is an art director and designer from Milano. She actively researches different shapes and forms in her works. It can also be noticed in this example of table lamps. Like a lotus unfolding its petals, this lamp shows three blown glass parts that warmly dispel light.

Entryway furniture by Mathieu Lehanneur

Marble and blown glass of this console amaze with its contemporary design, exquisiteness, and interesting surface.

Mirror by Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis, one of AD Germany Top 200 list, designed a family of hand-drawn mirrors that have a hue of color to them. Form and color create an exciting game that slightly adjusts reflection.

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Covet Foundation Agenda Design 2019

Entryway furniture by Studio Ilse

If you want to incorporate a bit of luxury into your interior design, opt for a golden color. This cabinet, for example, is handcrafted in the finest brass, and will definitely beautify any entryway or living room.

Entryway furniture by Christophe Delcourt

entryway furniture

The grace of architectural shape and light natural color of this item will fill the interior with elegance. Christophe Delcourt manages to inspire with every his creation and therefore, it is no surprise that he was included in AD 200 list.

Entryway furniture by Vincenzo De Cotiis

You will not see conventional ideas or common forms in Vincenzo de Cotiis’ works. This console can serve as a confirmation of it.

Lighting by Occhio

Are you lacking creative lighting ideas? Say no more, Occhio will help you with that! They combine the top quality of light and timeless design in one comprehensive system. Moreover, their systems apply sensor technology that recognizes the movement and adjusts the light accordingly.

Console table by Rodolfo Dordoni

Designed for Minotti, this console table by Rodolfo Dordoni exists in many versions of materials and colors – an aspect that makes this item easy-to-match with other living room or entryway furniture.


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