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Monolith Console Table by Duffy London

Founded in 2002 by Christopher Duffy, a top designer graduated on the University of Brighton, borned Duffy London. In this article we’ll introduce you the brand and his founder, and present you one of his best console table with an exclusive design.

Christopher Duffy is a British top designer that graduated on the University of Brighton. He made is humble beginning creating products in his kitchen and growth out of the kitchen a long time ago, Duffy London now perform their exclusive furniture making wizardry in a spacious studio in east London.

Duffy London’s designs are ideas-based, combining art and function and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry and illusion to produce amazing contemporary furniture. The innovative and quirky designs spring from the mind of Christopher Duffy, however, he also draws from his talented team of designers, artisans and manufacturers to turn these concepts into quality pieces.


Monolith Console Table

console table

“When it comes to handmade light fixtures, Chris is a true master.”

Frederick Andersen, executive creative director of story worldwide.

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console table

With its glass table balancing miraculously on top of toppling monoliths, Duffy London’s mind-boggling creation appears to defy the laws of physics by remaining in a permanent state of impending collapse.

The monolithic design takes its inspiration from The Sentinel, a book by Arthur C. Clarke that went on to be made into the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Using powder coated mild steel and thoghened laminated glass, this modern furniture stands out when compared to other modern console tables because of his differential furniture design. A glass console table limited to 25 editions.

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Source: Duffy London