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Greg Natale´s Console Table Ideas for Modern Houses

Greg Natale’s Console Table Ideas For Modern Living Rooms, a fantastic designer that has the passion and also the vision of a true artist. News ways of style, new ways of knowing the beauty of the luxury design.

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Greg Natale was born and raised in Stdney Australia, with an incredible strenght Greg makes an interior design take personality and a stand between all the houses in the world. He uses luxury design with such a finess that makes a simple space look like you are in heaven.


An incredible design, the colors so clean and soft, the grey combines perfectly with the white room and the wooden floor. A white and gold console tables gives the lustful look and also the richness of the room, it pops in to our eyes.


An amazing console table in black and gold, two majestic colors that combine in every situation. Simple shape and simple lines but in the end a luxury and powerfull design capable of giving your room a different and glorious look.


A dark room, a interior design full of mystery and class. Not always dark colors symbolize sadness and bad luck, sometimes dark colors turn a room in something behond stunning, it turns a room in something with elegance and grace something unusuall but fantastic.

console table

The white room or the light room, with the color white being the primary color used it seems like we are in heaven, something so fantastic and so smooth. A console table almost mixes with the environment and brings the wooden material to life. Majestic interior design that deserves all the credits for this creation.

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