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Discover the Highlights from Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit

The 2nd edition of Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit that took place on 26th and 27th of June has just ended, and we have some important highlights for those who did not have a chance to visit this design event.

luxury design

Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit is an independently organized Covet Foundation occasion that brings together the creative minds, makers, designers, and luxury brands, to discuss future trends and the importance of craftsmanship.

The opening ceremony of this luxury design summit began with the speech of Amândio Pereira – founder and CEO of Covet Group. During the speech, he expressed gratitude to all the masters and makers for their contribution to the world of craftsmanship“We should work on the preservation of the crafts so that future generations can enjoy them. This summit is part of that preservation mission”.

One of the biggest parts of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit was the panel discussions. The main topics covered the importance of artisanship, the marketing and branding aspects, and the future of craftsmanship.

The first discussion focused on the connection between design and excellence of artisans. Christian Haas, a German designer who has a solid career in Porto, and Emmanuel Babled, a French designer who works in Babled Design Studio in Lisbon, took part in that exciting discussion. The conclusions emphasized that Portuguese craftsmanship is rich in history and culture and thus, should definitely be preserved.

Another discussion happened between João Barros (CEO and Creative Director at PullCast), Rui Pinto (Master Jewellery Artisan at PullCast), Conceição Amaral (the current CEO of FRESS) Joaquim Paulo from Creative Hub, and Vitor Querido (an artisan of the Culture Project). The focus was made on the importance of preservation and promotion of the classical craftsmanship behind the jewelry pieces. Furthermore, they mentioned the urgent need of a buyer or an investor for the future protection of these crafts and luxury design.

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Mirror GIF Boca do Lobo

On the second day of the luxury design summit, Carlos Coelho gave an amazing talk regarding communication in the current days. He definitely managed to capture everyone’s attention. Apart from mentioning the basis of marketing, which lies in communication, he also emphasized the fact that the success of a certain company revolves heavily around its competition and communication actions.

The second day of the luxury design summit was mostly inclined to the topics of marketing and branding. The audience had a chance to hear enlightening speeches on Marketing of Excellence by Miguel Costa (the current General Manager of Bentley and Lamborghini in Portugal), Rita SambadoRicardo Conceição (Manager at Atelier des Createurs), and Ana Maria Vasconcelos (General Manager from Belcinto).

The final panel discussion “Designing & Crafting: Criteria to Excellence” presented the talk by speakers with distinct backgrounds. The group was composed of Raquel Costa (Swarovski), Nini Andrade da Silva and Emmanuel Babled (designers), Khaoula Ouerfelli, and Duarte Eira (Chef at Salpoente Restaurant).

It is also well worth mentioning that the luxury design summit included the showcase of the artisans’ works. Among the main arts present, we can point out ceramics, porcelain painting, chiseling, Filigree, metalworking, jewelry, woodworking, and others.

Filigree was among the most popular techniques there, attracting the attention of many participants of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit.

The technique can even be applied to a furniture piece for your home, such as a modern mirror that can become a perfect addition to your entryway ideas, for instance. You could find few examples of such items from a furniture brand Boca do Lobo.

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