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Console Tables: History and Evolution

A console table is a furniture’s piece that you can easily find almost in every house and in some of them, due to his versatility, more than one. In this article you’ll find a small brief on console tables’ history and evolution for those who would like to know more about this furniture origins.

The history of the console table is an interesting and rich one. Borned in the late 17th century and throughout the 18th century in France, large console tables were a must-have in aristocratic mansions and palaces.


Originally, console tables had a half-moon shaped top on two legs and they were attached to walls using S brackets called consoles. That gives us a clue regarding the name that we have become used to.



console tables


One of the main roles of the initial console tables was to create symmetry in a space and to help create a harmonious decor through matching features and design details.

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Later, already on the 19th century, people started to look at consoles in a different way. When they were first introduced, they were mainly decorative furniture pieces. They didn’t really have any functionality, but console table’s evolution never stopped.

People understood they’re an interesting furniture’s piece because is both a decorative piece and a functional design element. Consoles started to feature four legs instead of only two so people could use them everywhere and not just against the wall.



Due to his versatility, you can use this modern furniture as you want to.

There are many applications for these small tables and come in all styles. For example, they can be used in a room that is too tight for a full size table or chest. Table lamps and a decorative container or a basket for the key and mail. They can be a sofa table, an improvised desk or used as a make-up table on your bedroom.


Apart of versatility, the design also changed and today a console can be one of the most important and shining piece in any room due to his luxury design.

There’s no doubt that consoles are a trend to stay, a must have to complete your furniture design inspirations.

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