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Top 5 Golden Modern Console Tables to Inspire You Today

The Top 5 Golden Modern Console Tables to Inspire You Today, the luxury gold that cativates your eyes and will change your mood.

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console tables


Inspired in the old times this console table made in golden coverage shines in every house, a classic design with a lot of personality and power, the lustful look is na amazing accet of this piece. Elegance, lust, power and all that a royal look must have to be taken serious, a great way to change how te people look to your house.

console tables


A fabulous combination in a console table , bla laquer and gold base, the self-adjustment of both of the color is amazing, the elegance the straght and also the curves of this piece takes the luxury design to another level.

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console tables


A console table by Boca do Lobo, a simple design with some curved top in gold that contrasts with the blak base, less is more in this case, where a simple piece makes all the diferente in this standart world.

console tables


Koi console table is a piece inpired in the koi fish that is the symbol of passion , power , courage and preserverance, and thats exactly waht this piece is, a power of nature anda a beuty in gold.

console tables


A console table made by Boca do Lobo, a sublime and majestic design that incorporates inspired in Newton’s theory, a fantastic new type of designig a new world. The future of modern art, beuaty and power in just one item.