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How To Decorate The Perfect Console Table

A console table is not just a sole decoration piece in a living room or an entryway, but also is a fine art luxury furniture piece that improves a unique decoration and is used to house everything from lamps and books to ceramics and artwork.

Modern console tables are often found in entrance halls, but they are also a smart and beautiful addition to a living room décor. A gorgeous console table with an exclusive design is a perfect acquisition for a contemporary décor. But where to start? Today, we present you some home décor ideas about how to decorate it step-by-step. Take a look and get inspired!


1. Start With Your Surface

How To Decorate The Perfect Console Table

First of all, choose the size and the style of the console you want to decorate your living room or entryway. A recommendation: a lower shelf means double the styling potential, so consider how many pieces and objects you want to display when you are choosing your modern console table.


2. Add some pictures or making-art objects

How To Decorate The Perfect Console Table

Looking for an oversize work that can visually anchor on the wall? Pictures and art-working objects can be a solution. But, all the frame you choose should be narrower than the width of your console.


3. Books and Boxes are always good decor products 

To make a perfect decoration, you need to create one or two stacks of books on each self and some decorative boxes. The aim, in this case, is balance and not the perfect symmetry. With some interesting books, you create a little variation and the final look will seem supreme and even more interesting.


How To Decorate The Perfect Console Table


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Soho Collection Boca do lobo


4. Decorate it with sculptural and lights pieces 





5. Organize the empty space and light it up!

Fill out all the shelves and in the empty spaces between accents and on top of your books and boxes, cluster smaller objects in sets of two or three. Consider what looks most pleasing to your eyes. Whatever pieces you choose, be sure to overlap a few of them slightly so that the groupings feel easy and natural. And the final, light up the lights…et voilá, the decoration is already done!

After all these tips to decorate a perfect console table, take a look at some interior design ideas!







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