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Console Tables by Mattia Bonetti

Legendary Swiss designer Mattia Bonetti creates surreal pieces that result from his incredible imagination. He has designed a great range of amazing console tables you could only find in your dreams. Bonetti’s whimsical pieces go beyond ordinary furniture or common standards constantly evolving with a creativity that is unhindered by convention or trends in the larger design world.

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console tablesconsole tables

Each piece was designed at different points by Bonetti, and some pull from themes of scribbling, writing and calligraphy, which are then translated into something three-dimensional. Designer never fails to surprise that is why his designs  highly appreciated and loved by many auctioneers and art lovers.

console tablesbonetti

‘Behind all my pieces there is a very ‘physical’ work on a model in foam or terracotta – the only one capable of faithfully interpreting the plasticity of the object – which becomes the model-guide for the pieces produced by a network of 15 craftsmen that I have selected over the years’ says Bonetti.


Mattia Bonetti has approached the distinction between art and design not as a barrier, but as a wellspring of creative dialogue.


The life of Mattia Bonetti stands as a testament to the vast creative potential of ambiguity, uncertainty, paradox, and duality-and absolute refusal to be one thing when it is possible to embody a multitude of possibilities simultaneously. His work exemplifies a certain strand of postmodernism that is both practical and theoretical; it embodies a philosophy of instability and witty subterfuge.bonetti

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