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10 Bar Consoles That Are Going To Improve Your Living Room

Besides being excellent decorative pieces of furniture, bar consoles have a functional purpose, too. They carry and order your favorite drinks and tools for the perfect cocktail at the end of a long day.

As we all know, console tables can have numerous purposes since holding decorative pieces, books, lamps, or simply your different amount of keys. However, there is a particular meaning to give to these luxury furniture pieces, especially if you don’t have a proper place for it: turn it into a bar! Take a look at a selection of some bar consoles ideas.

bar consoles

bar consoles

Your collection of liquor should be tailored to your personal taste, but eventually, you may want to add other classic liquor that will satisfy any crowd you’re hosting, especially after you’ve learned new recipes.

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Bar tools are very important for creating the perfect cocktail. A stock of essential bar tools has many benefits, such as offering precise measurement ratios, getting the cocktail to mix properly, and making the right garnish.

Certain glassware is sometimes used for specific drinks, but having a small stock of glassware will be fine. It is safe to say that having a set of highball or Collins glasses, red and white wine glasses, and champagne flutes will be enough.

Mixers, which are non-alcoholic, are used to add volume and flavor to cocktails. Chances are you already have most of these in stock at home. Garnishes are the finishing touch to impress your guests with a beautiful (and tasty) cocktail.

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