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Modern Console Tables to Pair with your Sofa

A living room can serve many different functions in your home. In order to make it stand out, think about the space desired and make sure you include a console and pair it with your Sofa, it will help you to create a more special area. So, take a look and be inspired by this selection of Modern Console Tables to Pair with your Sofa.


The most luxurious living room design. The whites contrast amazingly with the wooden furniture. This contemporary sofa is the perfect pair for the white top console that makes the room even more beautiful.

Such a cozy living room, perfect to hang out with the family. This modern console table (with a little metallic vibe) is strategically put behind the sofa to create a more bright area in the middle of the room. Be inspired by this modern homes decoration.

The most modern home decoration for you to be inspired. The modern sofas match beautifully with all the details in the room: from the fireplace and the big mirror to the console that is styled beautifully and makes this room stand out even more.

This Limited Edition, Imperfectio Sofa from Boca do Lobo is the perfect statement piece for any living room. The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass exposes the beauty of imperfection. Pair it with a modern console and you’ll have an interior design to die for, for sure!

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Boca do Lobo’s furniture exhales style, grace and luxury and this is certainly the case for Infinity console, a fascinating and exclusive piece, proven to be impressive and eye-catching through its sinuous and elegant lines. Infinity holds a shimmering aura that gets a classy touch to any living space. Stunning in either modern or classic styles, this console will be the perfect match for any sofa.

Putting your console table behind the sofa is always a winner choice. It can be used to save space in the room, or to store some items.


All-in wood living room decoration. The peek of color in the details used definitely make the room stand out. This matchy-matchy sofa and console are the best choice for your room design.

Taking inspiration from a beach house decoration, this console table is everything you want in order to pair with your sofa. Remember: you can always change their disposition.

Contemporary interior design. The nudes contrasts amazingly with the whites. This modern white console table matches the ottomans used and also the sofa. Be inspired by this modern homes decor.

Once again, lighting is the console best friend. The best place is putting your console table behind the sofa to create a dropping spot.

console table

The most modern living room decoration. Create to different zones with different sofas. Use the console in between spaces and you’ll have a fantastic room.

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