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The Inspirations Behind a Modern Console Table

The Inspirations Behind a Modern Console Table, all pieces have a story, every piece as a different connection. Ask any designer in the world and they will tell you, ich one as their own inspirations, in not just something automatic, is something that depends on many factors, and you see the result of the combination of them.

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console table

The inspiration may come out of family, one of the most powerful things in life, the love for family, a mother, a daughter, a son , a wife, a father, there are so many options, and normaly the designer creates with that passion thinking about family, with a warm heart it is easier.

console table

A new beggining, a change in life is the perfect inspiration for an artist, using this powerful tool of change, it creates a different thing something that as the symbol of freedom. Teh mind of the designer may be creative but there are some things in life that you can not ignore.

console tables

The dark times are times when the creativity is most powerful, the sadness may be a difficult time but it as been proven that it is a time where the brain expands due to the emotions, that means our creative side is bigger and better.


The weather is something that influences the inspiration of people, you may notice, when it’s raining all the pieces are darker and when it is sunny the pieces seem brighter and colorful, this is what happens with the majority of people. Designers aren’t different, they feel the difference.


As you notice evry person is different,and every design may be unique, the inspiration behind a piece is more then just a glimpse, is more then just adding two boards. Creativity comes when you least espect, it comes with all the emotions of a life, that means that every piece has a story, every piece symbolizes a part of a life of the creator.