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Best European Designs for Modern Console Tables

The old continent is known for many wonderful reasons and one of them is related to its characteristical designs. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best European Designs for modern console tables.

European Designs

It is undeniable that the European Style is very selective and refine. It is essentially due to our art history, that was defined by the nobility. It is a fact that for instance in France the architectural and interior design style was extremely luxurious.

European Designs

The European style can also be considered a very feminine and romantic one. With curvy and sensual lines, this console table evokes a dramatic effect. It is a perfect piece for an elegant decoration.

European Designs

This is a breathtaking example of a resistant material: marble. If you choose a piece made out of this amazing metamorphic rock, you will get a one of a kind pattern. We guarantee you that no one will have a pattern like yours because each piece is unique.

European Designs

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Inspired in a more Scandinavian style, this picture shows us a simple and vintage console. It is a very original design as it resembles a radio!

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These are just a few examples of some of the best European Designs. Do you identify yourself with these designs? Would you consider adopting this style?
Leave a comment and tell us everything!