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Antique Console Table Designs in Contemporary Interiors

In most art forms, creating the unexpected guarantees distinction, notoriety, and often generates positive criticism. The same goes with interior design – playing with the element of surprise will make an interior setting memorable, and create an experience that transcends beyond the standard visual (or in the case of further curated spaces – scent, touch and sound). Very simply, by mixing classic and contemporary, one can craft a remarkable interior context. In this article, we cover a series of examples, were antique console table designs are fitted in contemporary interior decor contexts.

Playfulness in decor, while maintaining simplicity and ensuring tasteful furniture was one of the core selection filters for this feature. Read on and get inspired:

antique console table modern interior

Clean architectural lines, and industrial materials such as concrete and stone combined with contrasting furniture pieces undoubtedly creates a pleasant surprising effect.

antique console table modern interior

Above, Swedish designer Marie Olsson Nylander has taken a similar approach except within the true scandinavian wooden interior. Her selection of furniture combined modernist lines, hints of futurism, with a gorgeous antique console table left in it’s raw color.

classic console table modern interior

Taken to a contemporary and elegant setting, antique console tables and supporting pieces really add character to a space. Above, pinstriped walls mellow the contrasting effect created by the black chest, but hits the contemporary look with the accessories.

antique console table modern interior

The project above, completed by Texas based Collins Interiors gives off a comfortable yet sophisticated feeling. The combination of a classic chest (used as an antique console), rug and lamp with modern artwork, upholstery and acessories, creates a harmonious setting that stands the test of time.

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Above, a highly decorated antique console table stands a central piece within a monochromatic setting composed of geometric lines, artwork and modern pieces.

There is much to be taken from the example above. The mix of materials, finishes and accessories makes it remarkable and memorable. Most importantly, the gold leaf covered console finds modern accessories on its marble surface, as well as a tall jug with cherry blossom branches which bring harmony and peacefulness to the setting,

The black console table above is fitted into a contemporary classic setting. An antique piece, combined with antique accessories with gold features, ensure a uniform, yet highly sophisticated interior decor.

This is a Luis Bustamante setting. Unique, like all of his projects, the mix of contemporary art, monochromatic colours, and antique artwork and furniture makes a WOW combination.

The setting above, created by architect Roberto Migotto for a project in Rio de Janeiro makes a stunning combination of antique console and chairs (upholstered in crisp white fabric to match clean walls and flooring) with modern artwork in a contrasting colour. White roses for detail brings the winning combination together.

Stephen Sills, features on AD 100’s talent list, reimagines a 1920’s Manhattan apartment, where modern and antique come together in a beautiful tribute to design and luxury.

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